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Channel thru Roku continues to utilize streaming hours even when Roku box is turned off.

My TV is set to go off automatically after 4 hours.  This includes everything attached to the TV(Roku box, cable box, sound system).  When the shut down occurs, the light on the the Roku box goes off (indicating to me the system is off) BUT if I am connected to a channel purchased thru Roku (ie. Mhz) when the shut down occurs the channel apparently keeps running and utilizing streaming hours.  If I do not actually go into the Mhz app and completely back out of it the device continues to stream on it's own and can easily use up a lot of hours that I am being charged for but am NOT actually watching.  This can easily use up ALL my streaming hours VERY QUICKLY.

Is there ANY WAY TO STOP THIS???  

If you know why this happens or how to adjust some setting to stop it from happening would you please post an answer?

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Re: Channel thru Roku continues to utilize streaming hours even when Roku box is turned off.

Do you have the "Bandwidth saver" enabled under the Network settings?

Roku devices don't turn off, so as you've noticed just turning off the TV doesn't stop streaming.  It is odd that the light goes off, but as Roku keeps screwing with the light with every update it has become less and less reliable as an indication of anything. 

If the "Bandwidth saver" doesn't do it and you have a Roku device that is powered via a USB cable and your TV has a USB port capable of supplying at least 1 Amp and your TV shuts off the USB port when you turn the TV off you can ensure the Roku device is really shut down when you turn off the TV by using the TV's USB port.  If not, they make power strips that will power down everything connected when the master device (e.g., TV) is turned off.

Generally you want to keep the Roku powered on at all times so that it has a chance to check for and install updates when you're not using it.

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Re: Channel thru Roku continues to utilize streaming hours even when Roku box is turned off.

As the other reply said you could try plugging the power cable into a free usb port on your tv that most likely will cut power when you turn off the tv. I have an LG and thats how it works. 

If you get an error message about not enough power through the usb port you could buy a smart plug and set it to cut power to the tv and the roku at whatever time you need or get a power strip and power that off and it will cut power to whatever is plugged into it.

I wouldnt worry about checking for updates overnight since Roku doesnt update all that frequently and you can always do it manually if you want

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