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CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel

I see numerous users having problems with CBS channel and roku. I have ultra and a roku tv. Both have issues

I have tried the following

1. Updates for roku (current)
2. Reboot roku (fails)
3. Reboot router 
4. Delete and read channel

The first 3 do absolutely nothing but waste time. The only thing that works for a single show is delete channel, re add then sign in to cable provider. Unfortunately that works to watch a single episode, then when you select another show it gives you a reload error.

It is getting ridiculous that I see posts for this exact issue going back over 2 years with CBS and roku.

Deleting channel, re adding and signing in with cable isn't an acceptable work around for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE I want to watch.

Roku and CBS need to figure this out. No other channel has this reload error

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel


Since it's happening on two separate Roku devices, this definitely points to the app, and you've done all the steps for that. Well, maybe.

The only thing to do a little different is your Item 4. It's gotta be done this way.

  1. Remove the app
  2. Reboot the Roku
  3. Reinstall the app

All three steps in that order. The reboot must happen between the other two.

Now, since it's happening on two very different Roku devices, I don't expect this to make a difference, but you have been quite thorough in your attempts to resolve this. I'm suggesting this to ensure this part of your troubleshooting is done in a thorough manner.

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Channel Surfer

Re: CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel

Thanks. I will try it on both devices and report back. One is a stand alone roku and the other is a roku tv. It is so tedious to have to do this everytime I want to watch CBS.

NBC, Discovery, FOX, lifetime all function normally as channels. It is repeatedly CBS. I see posts on reddit, support forums and roku customer forum about CBS. It doesn't seem to matter if it is CBS all access or regular CBS, since both behave the same way. I am guessing this is a CBS streaming issue to roku and they need to fix a bug but individual customer complaints won't get as far so hoping roku can request a fix for all customers.

Roku Guru

Re: CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel

@Synergy  if you’re logged into the same Roku account on both devices removing from one device will also remove it from other devices. But Roku does not develop the CBS channel. CBS is the developer. You can reach out to them. I just added the CVS channel to my Roku and works just fine. 

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Channel Surfer

Re: CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel

I opened a ticket with CBS. I recognized that it was likely a software issue with the channel on the CBS side but easier to rule out roku issues first. Roku group more receptive and quick with suggestions. I don't expect CBS will do anything quickly since they are pushing everyone to the pay channel paramount plus. They probably have few people working on the older channels. Such a PITA

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Re: CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel

I just had the same issue this week regarding CBS won't launch - Have you replied as of date on any update on how to get CBS to launch?

Thank you

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Retired Moderator

Re: CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel

Thanks for the post.

When removing a channel, did you make sure to restart the Roku device before adding the channel back again, specifically in that order?

Please keep us posted and we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel

I have tried removing, rebooting and reinstall CBS app. It won't even open up. CBS is no help because, it seems, they don't care and just want you to go to their paid service. There has been no response to any inquiry.

I have also tried all the other methods listed in this thread. No luck.

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Channel Surfer

Re: CBS won't load despite deleting & adding channel

Not sure if this is the fix but it worked for me after several uninstall and installs - in settings, put your zip code. I did and suddenly no more looping to the Home Screen and I’m in! Lmk if this works for you!

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