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BBC iPlayer - application not currently available on your device

So I may already understand why I have the issue I do but wanted to check. I am UK based but own a Roku stick which I purchased when I lived in the USA. My Roku says it is the 3800RW model.

Now I’m home in the UK all UK based channel apps work (I.e. ITVX, Channel 4 demand, My5 etc.) but BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds come up with a message saying:

“Sorry, this application is not currently available on your device. Please exit/quit and try again later”

I have tried everything, deleting and reinstalling the app, rebooting the device, factory reset… but nothing changes.

Can this be resolved or is it…

A) An issue with the fact the device was bought in another country so BBC iPlayer doesn’t allow the app to work (seems odd as other UK apps work)

B) My device is just out of date for BBC iPlayer

C) BBC iPlayer as a whole doesn’t function on Roku at all now

or D) Something else?


Anyone who has this issue too that can shine a light on it, anyone who has any information on this particular issue or anyone who can help fix it… it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Re: BBC iPlayer - application not currently available on your device


If you set up your Roku account while in the US, it is identified as a US account.  Channels not authorized for US distribution may not work for you.

There's no way I know of to change this other than doing a factory reset on your Roku and setting it up all over again in your current location.   This time link it to new Roku account created with a different email address based in your current location.  When doing this be sure not to use a VPN that can mask your location.

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Re: BBC iPlayer - application not currently available on your device

Hi @makaiguy, I have just factory reset my stick and set up a new Roku account with a different email, hence why I’m now Hicksy12 not 11.

It doesn’t seem to have worked. My roku has set itself up with American streaming platforms such as Vudu and Hulu and the currency is in US dollars.

Any further suggestions or am I just stuck with this?

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Re: BBC iPlayer - application not currently available on your device

Update… I now can’t even find any UK streaming apps like ITVX since the factory reset so this has really messed me up. 

Is there anyway of getting back to how I had it or at this point will I need to just buy a new Roku stick?



Update since the above. I managed to switch back to my old account and I’m not changing it. Will do without bbc iplayer, it’s not worth the hassle!

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