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Acorn TV Returns to Menu when selecting programs

I have two Roku streaming players; one in the family room, one in the media room.  When you go to Acorn TV in the family room and select one of the programs, it runs for about 10 seconds then goes back to menu.  For example on Murdoch Mysteries it plays the introduction, starts the episode for about 10 seconds and then you have to use the forward feature which goes for about 4 frames then stops.  If you hit the play button it works.  I've disconnected the box, waited for about a minute, then reconnect.  This doesn't happen on the Roku streaming player in the media room.  Why is this happening on only one player?  Do I need a new player for the family room?

Thank you.

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Re: Acorn TV Returns to Menu when selecting programs

Hello @Ladyjane719

Thanks for posting here in the Community.

In some cases, removing the channel and then re-installing it may help. To ensure the process is successful, follow the steps below making sure you restart your Roku device before adding the channel again.

-Remove the channel: Highlight the channel tile on your home screen and press the Star button to open the options menu. Select Remove channel and confirm.
-Restart your Roku device: Restart the device from the settings menu. Go to Settings > System > System restart > Restart.
-Re-install the channel: After your Roku device restarts, visit the Roku Channel Store and add the channel again.

Let us know if this works for you!



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