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Using Amazon Prime account from different countries

I have an Amazon Prime membership for BOTH the USA and Spain using the same email address.  I'm trying to log into Amazon Prime on my Roku Ultra using my amazon.ES prime account from Spain.   However, when I attempt to sign into Prime on the Roku, it directs me to to allow me to register the Roku to my USA Prime Account.

Is there anyway I can get it to accept my (Spain) credentials?  (Actually, the email address and password are the same for both memberships.)  It seems like the Roku is forcing me to join with a registration code that is tied only to the USA Prime.



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Re: Using Amazon Prime account from different countries

Channels with geographical restrictions (such as Prime Video) see your IP address and can determine what country you are currently located in. Also, your Roku user account is tied to the country you were in when it was created. Both of those things must match for you to use a channel with restrictions. So to use an account based in Spain, you have to be in Spain and your Roku account must have been created in Spain. If you're in the US, and your Roku account is US based, you can only access Prime Video via the US account.

It mostly has to do with the contracts that providers such as Amazon have to streaming content. Those contracts have restrictions on what countries they are permitted to stream the content, so they have to have some way to enforce it. 

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Re: Using Amazon Prime account from different countries

That is not my experience at all. I purchased my Roku device in Canada and I am using it in Canada with a Canadian IP address. When I access Prime Video from my Canadian home it allows me to only access US based content under a heading that says something like "While you are away from home". The content is far different than what I can access from my computer or Android device. My device is older, could that  be part of the problem.

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