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TCL Roku TV With Spectrum App Freezing

My #TCL #Roku TV used to work perfect with the #Spectrum App but a week a go or maybe more

when I turn on the Spectrum’s app and it opens in a channel starts working perfect but after 4 or 5 seconds it freezes. If I change the channel it starts to work but it happens again after 4 or 5 seconds the picture freezes again 

I already tried factory reset and deleting the app and downloading again

please help

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Re: TCL Roku TV With Spectrum App Freezing

What you've described is my experience exactly, right down to the timing. I tried working through the problem with the folks at TCL, but have not been able to remedy the situation. I believe, as has been suggested to me by others, that the fault lies with Spectrum. Based on what others have told me about their dealings with Spectrum Tech Support, I've been procrastinating going down that particular rabbit hole, but that time is coming. I was told by some that Spectrum tried to blame the matter on the other components like Roku and TCL, but when it was resolved it was because it was addressed as a Spectrum issue. I don't know the specifics of the remedy. It makes sense that if the TV works for every other app that Roku is delivering (or carrying?) that the stink is on Spectrum. BTW, the freezing occurs with both wired and wireless connections and the wireless is tested to be coming in at approx. 220MbPS and TCL displays that as "Excellent". I will update if I resolve the matter.

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