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Roku AMC and other channels not logging in, not activating, on Spectrum

Roku AMC and other channels not logging in to Spectrum:  I couldn't find any thread anyplace that discussed this specific issue.   I have Spectrum cable, and am still on the legacy Time Warner channel packages if that makes any difference.    My Roku Spectrum app has worked almost flawlessly, on every device for the past 3 years, and I have no complaint with it.

The problem I had was with Roku channels for networks AMC, IFC, TCM, etc.   I installed those channels on my 4 Rokus, but a couple of the Rokus would resolutely *not* log in to provider (Spectrum) and activate.  Instead, they would just remain stalled in the TV screen that generates the PIN for activation.  I could go to say,, enter the password, and then choose Spectrum, and the computer or tablet or  phone I used would never present a login screen for Spectrum, but instead would skip to the "congratulations, enjoy your program!" message.  The Roku remained stalled on the PIN generator screen,  channel not activated.

I never did determine the reason for this, but the cure was to restore each problematic Roku device back to factory defaults, and then let them log in to Spectrum and completely rebuild themselves with newest firmware and my channel roster.   I tried uninstalling / reinstalling the individual Roku channels, rebooting the Roku, clearing the Roku cache,  using various web browsers on various PCs, clearing saved logins and rebooting, having the Roku and the device for activation logged into the exact same wifi network, etc.   Nothing worked.  The ONLY cure was factory-restore the Roku.   That's pretty fast and painless, and I hope this post saves someone else a bit of time and hassle.

True, I can access these channels On Demand via the Networks part of the Spectrum App.   But there is far more on-demand content available via the networks' Roku channels themselves than what the Spectrum App allows me to access at any given time. 

My Rokus are several 3600X / 3600R sticks, one Roku Stick+ the first version, and the original Roku Express+ on an older CRT TV.    (The house was only cabled for TV in 2 rooms, so Roku is used to extend cable TV to other rooms, as well as watch Livestream and other Roku channels.)

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Re: Roku AMC and other channels not logging in, not activating, on Spectrum

fwiw, I just fought another round with the AMC channel / Spectrum cable / Roku 4K Streaming Stick+ today.   It took a a complete reset to factory default on the Roku stick to get the AMC channel running again.  Less drastic measures never seem to fix issues related to channels from my Spectrum subscription.  :-D

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