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RMP won't fast-forward DLNA video stream

I have had a working MythTV / HDHomeRun / OTA working for several years. Plays recorded over the air (OTA) fine via MythWeb, VLC (on PC), and on my Samsung SmartTV. 

Recently bought a Roku Premiere and was surprised and happy to find that the Roku Media Player (RMP) can see and play the MPG recorded files from my MythTV DVR. 

However, I cannot get it to fast-forward or rewind once any of the recorded videos start playing. When I pause a stream, RMP shows the correct time length for the entire video, so I don't see why it cannot time jump.

Have tried to see if any other (free) DLNA media player apps on Roku would work and have not found any that just scan for existing DLNA servers. 

Has anyone else been able to get fast-forward/rewind to work with RMP with DLNA streams that have not been transcoded? 

Here are my specs: 

MythTV Version : v0.27.7
Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Roku 3920X (Premiere) s/w version: 9.0.0 build 4114-91
Roku Media Player 4.1.1609

Had to build MythTV 0.27 from source because newer versions don't work with the DLNA Player on my SamsungTV.

If any RMP developers are reading, I would be happy to beta test. 
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Re: RMP won't fast-forward DLNA video stream

With few exceptions, you cannot use trick play (ff/rewind/resume) on transcoded files. The Premiere may or may not support MPEG-2 video (Roku hasn't acknowledged exactly which players beyond the Ultra and the TVs  that do), and even if it does many of the DLNA servers aren't aware they do so they transcode the video to H.264. Serviio has a profile that supports the players that will play MPEG-2. I am the author of the Roku profiles for that platform, so i know it works. 
As to any other Serviio player channels (apps), there are none. It's a hardware/firmware support issue for the Roku, so it doesn't matter what the player does. Plex offers FF and rewind with transcoded files, but that requires a Plex server to stream the media, same as using Serviio. 

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Re: RMP won't fast-forward DLNA video stream

The Roku can ffd/rew/resume in mkv, mp4, and hls streams.
The mp4 and mkv files need to have indexing information.
Some dlna servers will transcode into hls. Contact the dlna server providers and see if they can change their profiles to transcode into hls.
Plex server will transcode to hls for their roku app but have not enabled that transcode option for DLNA clients.
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Re: RMP won't fast-forward DLNA video stream

i have try to steam the same file type MKV format and it work on VLC with no problem form the same media DLAN Server so i know it works fine but i hope sometime that RMP can fast-forward fractures so it looks like it an problem with the RMP when it come to DLNA video stream ,

Like i say before VLC on my phone or any device that works fine like i have an Xbox one and stream form the same media server no problem i can fast-forward or can go back i hope someday that the new Roku update can fix this problem it's hard to with a movies with the Roku  media player if i can fast-forward or go back or stuff like that

please add this future so we can  fast-forward or go back in a movie !

i did find out that the format i have is MKV but the Roku media player shows up as a MPG format, i don't it's says that the roku can play MTV format but in the player that it show up as MPG file it works


it would be cool if can add VLC player to Roku devices that have it for apple TV and outer devices but will be cool if we had it for Roku, VLC i think it will be a cool payer for Roku that have for all devices but Roku. but the RMP it works but there is no features to fast-forward or go back in the movie. There been times that i mess a port of the movie and i have to start over that's hard to watch a movie on the RMP but VLC was on Roku can do all of that with no problems. i hope some day that VLC can be add on Roku it a good player to work with i still like RMP but if we can add that can of player i thank anyone will use it

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