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Playing CBS All Access programs

I have intermittent problems playing CBS All Access programs.  Some programs play okay but have a short audio dropout of a couple of seconds every now and then.   Other programs start playing but after a short period of time display a "cannot play" and stop.   Backing out and attempting to restart or resume playing the same program produces the same stoppage display result.   A lot of programs play fine with no problems.  What goes?

I believe it is the Roku app because CBS All Access plays fine on my Apple TV and Ipads.  No stoppages and no audio dropout.

I use a Roku 4 and a Roku Ultra.   Results are the same using both devices.


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Level 18

Re: Playing CBS All Access programs

Its a Premium (paid for) Channel you should have it out with CBS all access.

They publish their Channel and are responsible for maintaining it.

I can advise you to lower your Display rate to 720p and

do a reset Settings/System/System restart do this without any MicroSD memory in.

You can highl;ite the Channel in Home press the star key* and give them feedback.

Good Luck!

I have access to CBS through other Channels and have no problems.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 15

Re: Playing CBS All Access programs

I have a Roku4 and haven't had any major issues with CBSAA. My main complaint is it defaults to plain stereo and you have to use the menu after hitting the * key to change the audio to DD or DD+. Sometimes, the DD+ will fail and I am forced to use the stereo feed. Some people have reported that closed captioning is always enabled on playback, although I haven't seen that.

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