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PIN isn't accepted with HBO-Roku Channel

HBO on Roku Channel Stick (TV)HBO on Roku Channel Stick (TV)Hi. I have a subscription to the HBO channel through the Roku channel and when I enter the correct PIN, a prompt keeps appearing saying that it is an invalid PIN, even though it is not. It is very frustrating. I performed many steps before getting to the point of posting to the Roku Community.

1) I REMOVED the roku channel and re-added it to my line up.

2) I have RESET my PIN to make sure that it is accurate.

3) I have FACTORY RESET the Roku Stick.

4) Lastly, I wanted to see if the problem was with my stick, so I useHBO on roku channel  (PC - through browser)HBO on roku channel (PC - through browser)d the Chrome browser on my PC to look at HBO through the Roku channel, and again, the prompt came up that it was the incorrect PIN.

I can watch other non-adult content shows, but I have young children, so I do not want to remove the PIN that I established within Roku. The PIN works for Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and other channels that contain adult content. It just isn't working with HBO.

I'm pretty frustrated right now with this subscription process. If this can't be corrected, I want to be refunded the $14.99 subscription fee. I'm 17 days into the subscription and have yet to watch a show I want to watch.

Thank you for any help you have in correcting the problem or even on a way to collect a refund.

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Re: PIN isn't accepted with HBO-Roku Channel

I went back and tried playing with the settings again, in Firefox this time. ( I thought I figured it out, but NO. There is a bug when changing the settings. The only way I could change the settings and have the pin work for HBO was to first set "Making purchases and adding content" to NOT REQUIRED and "Parental Controls for The Roku Channel" to OFF. Then Save. (Essentially, I think this wipes out the PIN).

When I went back in to set the PIN again and change settings choices, it worked a couple of times on my PC, but it has never worked on my Roku stick. I had to go back and forth wiping out the pin and then adding it back in before it took. It seems that changing the settings after the initial PIN set, changes it to something HBO doesn't recognize. 

Unfortunately, the fix doesn't seem to last long, even on the PC. When I went to my Chrome browser, the PIN was again broken. Even worse, when I removed my PIN, on Chrome, I get the "The website experienced an unexpected problem" error. See:

Please help. Thanks. 

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Re: PIN isn't accepted with HBO-Roku Channel

Your link sent me to watch A Game of Thrones episode flawlessly. the very first episode.

I'm using Firefox.

Try using Firefox again. Disable any Adblocker or Ublock Origin for example.

One of the problems with screwing with settings too much is you can lose track.

I learned this a long time ago. But Still do it anyway because I'm an idiot.

You may need to do a factory reset on the Roku. Which isnt difficult....So....Relax...breath.....

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: PIN isn't accepted with HBO-Roku Channel

Thanks for responding. It may be possible that I had an ad blocker up on the browser when I tried it on the PC, however, it didn't explain why my PIN wasn't recognized on the Roku sticks? I did perform a factory reset before and unfortunately, it did nothing to fix the problem. Maybe, I did just screw with the settings too much in a short period of time?

I ended up removing the pin from my account (temporarily) until my HBO subscription ended, and just made sure that my kids didn't get into anything they weren't supposed to.

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Re: PIN isn't accepted with HBO-Roku Channel

@ruhledesign Thanks for the note. Apologies for any delays in getting additional assistance. 

To help clarify, you are trying to enter your Roku account PIN inside The Roku Channel, after enabling parental controls, to access your HBO subscription, and the PIN is not being accepted? Do you encounter the same issue with any other subscription inside The Roku Channel? 

When changing your account PIN by logging into your account at, did you verify that you are accessing the same Roku account that your device is linked to? You can confirm this by visiting Settings>System>About on your device. 

Please keep us posted from there and we'll continue assisting. 




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Re: PIN isn't accepted with HBO-Roku Channel

Unfortunately I'm having the same issue, it is very frustrating to pay $14.99 and to have to go and turn off the pin just to watch this channel. 

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