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NBC News ads excessive loading time

Has anybody else been having loading problems with some of the ads on the NBC News Roku Channel?  There are a number of ads which cause an EXTREME AND EXCESSIVE loading delay.  Currently ads like the Xeljanz and Cologuard commercials, and a few others, are doing this.  In the past the Xyzal ad did it along with a few others.  There are a number of ads that play through just fine, so I don't know if these problems ads are being delivered from a separate problems server, or if they are not formatted properly, or what.  Sometimes the problems ads get permanently stuck and cause the channel (and sometimes even ROKU) to crash.

Not long ago it use to be where you could fast foreword through a problem ad but it seems the fast foreword was recently disabled on ads and we are forced to suffer through the broken ad system.  All the other Roku news channels have properly running ads, that don't cause the EXTREME AND EXCESSIVE loading delay, so I don't know why a big operation like NBC doesn't have the same performance.  They don't have a means to report the ad or skip problem ads, and they should.
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Re: NBC News ads excessive loading time

I've noticed the same behavior -- so far it seems to be a only few ads which are taking a very long time to load and play.
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Level 8

Re: NBC News ads excessive loading time

"Not long ago it use to be where you could fast foreword through a problem ad but it seems the fast foreword was recently disabled on ads"

Hulu pay ad service is about to make it so, when one pauses a show, Ads will be playing.  Expect that soon.
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Level 8

Re: NBC News ads excessive loading time

Supposedly they have a feedback email  NBCNEWSROKU@NBCUNI.COM

I have emailed several times about this issue over a very long period of time and things don't seem to change. 
More and more companies just aren't responsive anymore, and now-a-days a lot of them aren't even posting contact information anymore.  "Don't bother us... take it or leave it"
Maybe it's time to write an old-timey letter to the higher ups at NBC News.  They will probably just refer me to the above email address.
Or better yet just go live on a island and throw my roku into the sea!
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Re: NBC News ads excessive loading time

Same here. I've written to NBCNEWSROKU@NBCUNI.COM and alerted them of buggy issues with their app on 3 separate occasions. No response or action taken to correct issues by NBC. I've experienced the excessive loading time issues mentioned above. I wired my Roku to the internet thinking that might help. NBC News app is still buggy and still all over the map (stop/starting) when loading ads between news clips. They could literally play 4 times as many ads in the time it takes to get past all the stop/starting. If nothing else it makes for a downgraded user experience as compared to other app options, especially since you can't watch the clips without waiting on the ads.

I've also noticed this past 6 months (due to no response from NBC) where the title text under each news clip image, when browsing, will now rapidly blick on/off/on/off. The title text blinks soo much that it gives me a headache if browsing NBC News content options too much. Again no action to correct from NBC News or via NBCNEWSROKU@NBCUNI.COM.

Both of the above issues have been tested via 3 separate TV's, 3 separate Rokus and via 2 separate houses/locations. Competing apps don't have these issues. CBS News app loads ads without issue and no persistent blinking of title text. Also tested against CNN Go, ABC News and Sky News apps.

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