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Looping a YouTube video

I’m wondering if there is a way for me to loop a YouTube video on my Roku device. On a computer, YouTube videos can be right-clicked to reveal an option to loop. Is it possible to access this on Roku? I’m hoping to avoid using other software as recommended by previous threads, as this was discussed before YouTube added the feature.
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Re: Looping a YouTube video

Not that I know of, you can check though, while a video is playing press the up arrow on the remote and then click on the three dots on the left hand side, that should show all your options and I assume loop would be there if it's possible, but I've never seen it, there doesn't seem to be anything in settings either.
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Re: Looping a YouTube video

I have the answer, in case anyone is still looking for it. I put a TV with a ROKU box in my fireplace, and wanted to run youtube fireplace videos on a loop to maintain the illusion. As stated in the question, the youtube app on ROKU does not have a loop feature, and there is no way to put it in there.


The ROKU box DOES have a webcast app. Most modern computers have a built in webcast feature, and there is a Roku webcast app for both android and Iphone in the respective app stores.

Now I have BOTH my computer and tablet set up to webcast to the ROKU box in the fireplace. Youtube for both PC and phone have the loop feature. So, on either device, you start the youtube video, set it to loop and then cast it to the ROKU on the TV.

It took me two days to find this workaround...but it is solid. The "fireplace" is crackling right now, and it is so good it has fooled the dog who is laying in front of it.

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Re: Looping a YouTube video


I had done all of the above, and everything was working. It was casting perfectly, with the actual video (at the source) hidden in the background, I was happy...

Then the receiving cut off the video after 4 hours. I assumed there had been a momentary lapse of wifi or something, started it again and...4 hours cut off again. It took me a few more hours to figure out the new problem, but here is the answer:

In your ROKU interface, go to settings. Then Network. Then: "Bandwith Saver."

Turn it off. 

Now you're good.

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Re: Looping a YouTube video

Hmm. I tried this and was hopeful, but wasn't successful; maybe Youtube changed its coding. I stream the looped Youtube video from my laptop to the RokuTV, but when it gets to the end of the video, on the TV it just backs out to the Youtube home screen. If I click play on my laptop, it starts playing again on the TV. So I wasn't successful with getting it to loop - yes I right clicked and turned on Loop.