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Cineplexstore: I can’t login to my account through Hisense Roku TV  last Friday, which means I can’t rent any movie and watch any movie I bought before. I did contact support from cineplex and they told me I am not the first one to complain about it and they let me contact you to fix the issue. They suggested me to switch the device. This is the only TV we have. If the issue keeps happening, I will have to return this new TV. I am not sure if you could fix the issue. Thanks!

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Re: Cineplexstore

Roku's going to tell you to remove the app; go to home>settings>system>power, and do a restart from that menu; add app again.

I would go to that menu first, and see if "fast start" is enabled. If it is, disable & do the restart from that menu. Then see if that fixes the problem.

You can do a factory reset from system>advanced menu. That will blow everything away and start over like it was out of the box. The first thing to do would be to select the cineplex tile (after installing it, I guess?), press the "*" key and write down the version/build for that app. (Also write down the Roku software version in settings>system>about). This way, if it works again for awhile, then breaks again, you can go to look at those versions again & see if something changed that way.

You mentioned returning it. If you like the tv, I don't want to encourage you to get rid of it. But, honestly, a lot of people are getting negatively affected by Roku's updates. Even if you get this one problem fixed, you could end up months from now wishing you'd seen the writing on the wall. (It's bad when an app tells you to buy a different tv. Maybe they were just deflecting. But, I can see why they could say that.). I don't know what tvs cineplex is available on. If you bought a non-Roku tv, the standalone Roku HDMI device (express, premiere, ultra) might work well. I think it's tv marriage that's not working.

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Re: Cineplexstore


Thanks for the post.

If removing the channel, restarting the TV, and adding it back again doesn't resolve the issue as @Visitor45763 mentioned, we would recommend continuing to work with the channel provider for further troubleshooting steps. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 


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