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Wired Doorbell Firmware Not Same as Listed on Support Page

Just installed the wired doorbell. During setup it said there was a firmware update. I ran the update and it is now at Version The app says that it is up to date and is the latest. But the support page says Version is out and improves Wi-Fi connection stability. 

How can I get the newer version of the firmware?

When I use the app for live video the bitrate drops to zero and the stream ends and restarts repeatedly, every 10 to 30 seconds. The signal is strong and I have force restarted the app and restarted the doorbell from the app. I am getting about 19 volts at the doorbell. I am hoping the newer firmware will help fix the dropouts but the app says "up to date" at

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Re: Wired Doorbell Firmware Not Same as Listed on Support Page

Still having problems connecting to live video and would like to know how to get the latest firmware that is listed on the support page but not loading to my doorbell.

In the meantime I installed a brand new 24-volt transformer to replace an old 16-volt one and added a WiFi extender near the doorbell. The connection has become much more reliable, but the live video still repeatedly fails to connect (stuck on step 3) in the iPhone app and also the Roku Camera app on the TV, or the stream drops out while running. This seems to happen more often when there is daylight than at night.

Browsing the Wyze forums I discovered one workaround is to toggle night vision on and off from the app to get the stream running again. This is not ideal but it is easier than power cycling the doorbell as recommended by the app.

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