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Why won't you allow me to use my Roku camera that I paid for last year anymore?

I had bought a Roku Smart Home Indoor Camera for various uses less than a year ago.

Tonight, after a few months of not using it, I discovered the app didn't want to work without an update. So I went ahead and updated the app. After a couple minutes of updating the app, expecting to simply jump right in and view the camera, I was instead fully blocked from using the app until I added two-factor authentication to my Roku account. I suppose other companies do this as well, and I am really not a fan of REQUIRING the most personal data possible (Name, Phone Number, email address, sometimes even requiring your HOME address for no good reason). A possible argument would be, "Your data is less likely to be stolen and sold if your account is "secured" with two-factor authentication." But this is just ridiculous.

Now, even if I had put in my phone number, it doesn't end there. I still wouldn't be able to use the camera I bought and paid for. Now you're forcing me to AGREE to a binding arbitration waiver.

If this camera came with that a year ago, I wouldn't have bought it to begin with. So the fact that you're effectively taking away my camera by doing this is incredibly disappointing and it's crazy to me how you not only expect, but actually require me to agree to these brand new terms in order to once again use the device you sold me last year.

To be totally clear, I will never purchase another Roku device, subscribe to a Roku service, or financially support Roku in any way until I die. Not only that, I will also strongly discourage my friends and family from supporting such companies. The fact that you're doing the same thing on people's TV's is sickening.