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Roku Indoor Camera Always Detecting Person?

I've had my Roku indoor cameras for a little over two weeks now. I bought them to keep an eye on my pets while away on a vacation. Up until about a day before we left, everything was fine. But now, it keeps detecting EVERYTHING as a person. When the TV shines a light on my couch, it's detected as a person. My cats are more likely to be recognized as a person than a pet. It keeps giving me a heart attack and every morning on my trip I have to go in and review every video labelled "Person" to make sure it was just my cat and not somebody breaking in. Another issue with it is that I wanted to make the siren go off if it detects a person, but I can't because it keeps detecting my cats or the couch as a person and scaring the heck out of my cats for no reason.

I do keep submitting the videos for Roku to learn from them, but I wish there was a way for it to be fixed. If so, please let me know. Thank you!