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Mobile and smart home difficulty

I recently bought the inside camera se , well I followed the instructions , since then it goes into updating. Once that's done. No matter what I do trying to figure out how to view it on my phone then boom back to uploading .then at the end is says download failed. So many problems for simple things. I signed up for this and that. Wouldn't be so bad but I've been working on it for almost three days I am glad I didn't buy several of the cameras I would have lost it. All I wanted to do is be able to see who is. Coming over and feel a little safer at night. I can't even find a page with a on /off button so I could view it from work  or see what's going on when I'm home. Has any of you had this much problems just trying to do something that should be easy. .. frustrating arrrgg.i have the indoor camera se, the Roku tv.and the mobile app as well as the smart keeps bringing me here. And the smart home loves downloading endlessly.   Mike

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Re: Mobile and smart home difficulty


Thanks for the post. I'm sorry to hear about the experience—that's not what we aim for.

We would first recommend trying to move the Roku Smart Home Camera closer to your wireless router to see if that helps. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, we would suggest trying to use another wireless network, such as a mobile device, to see if you can finish updating and setting your Roku Smart Home Camera.

Please keep us posted what you find out and we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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