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ERROR CODE 20004-Wire-free doorbell will not connect

My Roku wire doorbell & chime SE worked flawlessly for 2 -3 weeks until yesterday morning 2/19/2023).

It apparently stopped working during the night because I can receive no video (yes, I have a subscription for that) either live or recorded. When I tried connecting, it would not connect, saying Failed to connect. Check doorbell internet connection. Error code 20004" and to make sure my wi-fi router, doorbell and chime are all under 30 feet of each other. All 3 are well under 30 feet away from each other, but it still will not connect, no matter what I try. Even took the doorbell off the mount, fully charged it, reset it, my modem/router and the chime. None of that worked.

I finally just removed the device from the app and uninstalled the smart home app and started from scratch, re-installed the app, added the doorbell and chime and that worked.

Now this morning 2/20/2023, again, it does not work and will not connect no matter what I do. I even uninstalled and re-installed the app, won't work.

I am quite aggravated at this point since my 2 Roku TV's and 2 indoor Roku cameras work fine on the same wi-fi network and my modem router is more than adequate to run all my wi-fi required stuff with no issues, so there is no reason for this to not connect to wi-fi considering the doorbell is 10-12 feet from my modem/router, my chime is 10-12 feet from both my doorbell and my modem/router.

I don't want to keep taking my doorbell off the wall and redoing everything, every time this thing fails to connect

Note: my Netgear modem/ router is dual band, 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz. The doorbell is currently and has been connected to 2.4Ghz, but the same issue occurred on 5.0Ghz

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Re: ERROR CODE 20004-Wire-free doorbell will not connect


Thanks for the post. I'm sorry to hear about the experience—that's not what we aim for.

I have passed along your information to our Support team. They will follow up and assist you.



Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator