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Re: Payment info

@RealEstateInv  Thanks for reaching out and sharing the feedback here. We are looking into the activation issue you described, and working towards further resolution.

You can typically use the link previously referenced in this topic to create a new Roku account without entering a payment method. We're always looking to improve our customer experience, and at times test new account features and functionality. It looks like we may have encountered an unexpected experience in this scenario, and our team is currently working to address it. 

Please feel free to send me a private message with your Roku account email address, and the serial number of the device that you are trying to activate when encountering this requirement. We can help get this issue resolved for you. 




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Re: Payment info

Thanks for the note Mr. Tanner.  I will send you a PM in just a few. 

But to reiterate.  I COULD create an account with the NOCC link.  However, when I tried to activate my device\link it to that account it ALWAYS would stop at the payment requirement. 

I tried did several hard resets on the device to try and get it to give me a link code, but was never able to.  Never once during setup on the device was I given any option for a link code.....I tried several different times.

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Re: Payment same issue

I tried the same things listed here.i toowas asked for my acne matter what I did. 

I rented it because I wanted to use the device but would like to remove it. 


Please advise.


Thank you



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