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Friendly TV subscription issue

I have had difficulty reaching out to Frndly TV customer support. The offer for that channel came through my Roku device, and I signed up for the trial. I canceled the Frndly TV trial and was charged $9.99 per mth for the months of March, April, May 2020, until my direct deposit changed, as I switched banks. There's no documentation for how to reach Frndly TV, for billing, etc. If they look into their records they will see after my trial, I didn't use their service for those 3 months. So why was I being charged and how to get a refund? Shouldn't Roku know how to reach a channels customer support? Search the www there's nothing out there. If anyone knows how to reach Frndly TV customer service, please provide in the posts. Thank you. Adriana*

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Re: Friendly TV subscription issue

Easily found!

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