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Unable to unsubscribe from subscription

Tried to cancel Disney +. My account with them says I have to go through Roku. I go to my Roku account and it doesn’t reflect Disney + on there at all. 
The only thing I can see causing some confusion is that I did have an ESPN + account, but I’ve already unsubscribed from that, but then I was charged by Disney + about 2 days ago. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Unable to unsubscribe from subscription

Disney owns Hulu and ESPN along with tons of other companies. Who were you subscribed to? Disney+? Hulu or ESPN+? There is also a Disney bundle which includes all 3. 

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Retired Moderator

Re: Unable to unsubscribe from subscription

Hi @MTurner88 we're here to help! To better assist with trying to find your Roku account that has an active Disney + membership, we will be sending you a DM. Please keep a lookout for a message in your inbox. 

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