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Recurring charges for subscriptions that I am unable to cancel


I have several charges for subscriptions through Roku that I would like to dispute. I have gone through the steps on your website to try and cancel, but according to you, I don't have any subscriptions and I keep getting stuck in the "contact customer support" loop.  Please contact me ASAP. 



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Re: Recurring charges for subscriptions that I am unable to cancel


If there is no subscription listed on the Manage your subscriptions page, then Roku isn't charging you for anything, and it could be a fraud situation where a scammer is providing Roku's name in the description.

Submit a billing issue at the Roku Contact page and start there. But if you are being charged, and your Subscriptions page doesn't show anything, then it's not Roku doing it. You may need to submit a fraud claim to your bank, using the subscriptions page as proof.

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Re: Recurring charges for subscriptions that I am unable to cancel

Hi @harpernow, we're happy to look into this for you to try and determine where the charges are coming from. As @DBDukes mentioned, if there are no subscriptions on your "Manage your subscriptions" page, the charges may not be coming from Roku. But to confirm, we will be reaching out through direct message here on the Roku Community. This is to keep your information safe and secure. To check your inbox, click the mail icon at the top of your page. If you have any issues finding our message, please let us know.

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