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Level 7

Guest mode not compatable with the Roku channel?

The only streaming service that doesn't seem compatible with Roku's Guest Mode... is the Roku channel itself!

My guest upgraded their Roku Channel app with the Showtime upgrade (Showtime in Roku, not Showtime itself).  We enter guest mode.  Every other app lets them sign in and watch their shows.  But the Roku Channel app will not let them watch Showtime (in Roku).  It takes them to the "purchase showtime" screen, wherein it then states that they cannot purchase Showtime in Guest mode.

This seems like a big bug given that the faulty service applies to the company's OWN app....

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Level 18

Re: Guest mode not compatable with the Roku channel?

Sounds screwy. So as a guest user they did the 30 day freebie in Roku Channel.

I dont think you can subscribe to anything as a guest. That defeats the purpose.

So they cant watch Showtime on the Showtime app? But in Roku Channel as a

guest they subscribed even though they cant. And you want to watch it through

the Roku channel for what reason? Scuze me my brain just stopped working.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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