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wired connection with Roku Ultra to a 2005 TV with no HDMI jack

I bought the Roku 2 Ultra because I wanted to have a wired connection. I have a Panasonic TV from 2005 that does not have an HDMI jack. So I bought a cable with HDMI on one end and RBG and Yellow White on the other end. The cable is is good. I checked it by plugging in a laptop.

When I click on the Roku OK button, the light on the Roku blinks.

With my Wi-Fi turned on, I do not receive any internet options.

With the wired connection - same thing.

Is it possible to get to Roku channels with a 2005 TV wirelessly?

Is it possible to get to Roku channels with a 2005 TV through a a wired connection? What kind of cable should I get?

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