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roku not finding any networks, worked fine day before


Sorry I'm another one!

Roku working fine Sunday night, then since last night just won't find any networks in the same spot (previously signal level was good tp excellent).

I've had a good trall through the help and done everything I can find:

restated roku x3+

restarted router

checked with wifi help that 2.4GHz is on (yes)

tried network connection reset

swapped it with another roku express in a different room (which has excellent signal as is v close to router) - still no signal. Moved other roku into the room this one is in - fine signal with that one. 

Still nothing. It does pick up my mobile though when I put that onto mobile hotspot. Does this mean I need to turn off the the 2.4GHz steering ? I have no idea what this is, hence it's the only thing I haven't tried!



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Level 7

Re: roku not finding any networks, worked fine day before

Same issue here. Did multiple restarts and even hardwired my Roku with an ethernet cord. Everything time I try to do a reset it loses connection and I can't get thru the process. Can't even get to the support page on this website. Every other device in my house is working fine. Seems to be a Roku issue but cannot find any sign of an outage. Frustrating. 

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