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roku express uses old school tech. wifi runs only on 2.4g

Roku express uses old tech wifi on new products would have liked to know that information BEFORE I BOUGHT ONE. It was never disclosed in the product description.  IN MY VIEW ITS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. It was never disclosed that it would always select a 2.4G wifi over a fast 5G wifi although when I set it up it was on the 5Gwifi for 3 months then all on sudden it changed to 2.4g and it can't even get to recognize the 5G wifi. what a piece of cr---. And the fact that we have been in this covid 19 situation for 4 months now and still on customer support. total free line is not answered. a reccording about covid 19 pure BS.

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Re: roku express uses old school tech. wifi runs only on 2.4g

No Roku Express or Premiere model has EVER supported the 5 GHz band -- they don't contain dual band wifi radios, just single band radios only using the 2.4 GHz band via 802.11 b/g/n protocols.

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Re: roku express uses old school tech. wifi runs only on 2.4g

When a company like Roku makes multiple devices, it's worth clicking on the compare button on their website.  Lots of inexpensive devices are still 2.4GHz, but you can get a Roku with 5GHz for about $20 more.  Then again, if you thought it was on 5GHz for 3 months, maybe it's not really a big deal?  My Roku Express gets 23Mbps at the far corner of the house which is plenty for HD streaming. 

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Re: roku express uses old school tech. wifi runs only on 2.4g

HA HA! This kid is complaining about "Old school tech" like it intrinsically means "obsolete"... You better unplug all your devices from the wall, because those outlet designs are ancient!
Guess what! Every new device today still sends and receives the 2.4GHz band, why?
Because 2.4GHz has several advantage over 5GHz:

  1. LONGER RANGE. And that's not tech-based, that's physics-based: higher-frequencies have faster transfers but shorter ranges.
  2. WIDER SUPPORT. All devices, both old and new, support 2.4GHz.
  3. AFFORDABILITY. Want to cater to the masses? Price it for everyone.
  4. SUFFICIENT FOR STREAMING: 2.4GHz still streams audio and video faster than you can watch it (Example: While you're watching it at a speed of 1 second of video per second of real-time it is buffering an additional 30 seconds of video per second of time).

What more are you doing with your Roku? Playing Massively Multiplayer Online games? Fast forwarding and rewinding out of your buffer every fifteen seconds (clearing your buffer and requiring a new download)?

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Re: roku express uses old school tech. wifi runs only on 2.4g

where you like their delivery or not, OP has valid points. A device like this which claims to have 4K support should have 5ghz wifi. 2.4ghz is subject to too much interferance and the connection in my apartment is really bad, because there are so many properties with wifi here, you see up to 30 different wifi ssids, most on 2.4ghz and they jam each others signal.

while theoretically 2.4ghz wifi is fast enough for video stream, in practice, it's a lot slower because the wifi interference slows it down and sometimes jams the signal.

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