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Device Outage What is Roku doing to rectify the matter of all its devices not being able to connect to the internet. None of my devices will not connect and I have spent too much money for this nonsense. The support team and customer service representatives have conveniently gone into hiding leaving us without answers.

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Re: outage

I'm not seeing if anyone at Roku replies to anything posted here, but I'm guessing not.

The subject Outage should called be OUTRAGE because it is OUTRAGEOUS that customer service no longer exists. I had what should have been a simple question for anyone to address - couldn't call. I was LIVID. OK, went to the "Chat" (and I even use the " loosely, as there was no chatting involved.)

Instead of receiving help, I was directed to a page FROM AN THIRD PARTY THAT WANTED TO CHARGE ME $1 FOR WHAT I DO NOT KNOW. 

I could not bypass this page and return to "chatting" - I was unable to go forward or backward. I was stuck, being held ransom by this IDIOTIC THIRD PARTY HOLDING ME HOSTAGE FOR $1 - which I was told was "TOTALLY REFUNDABLE."

If it's totally refundable, why charge it in the first place (already I've bypassed the question of why in the **bleep** I was sent to a third party wanting my credit card info - that is an entirely other issue - as well as being held hostage or blackmailed to receive any technical information!!!!!!). 

It sounds as if Roku is trying to set up a money laundering situation, whereby they send you to a straw third party, get your buck, then reimburse it through another company, therefore coming up with a net operating loss for this third party. Sounds pretty shady to me.

If that's not their plan, then just sending me to a third party is unconscionable when I have no contract with this party and should not be forced to pay them a dollar just to get technical information from the party with which I DO have a contract!!!

We've been customers for a long time, and we've always had good service. But using Covid as an excuse to do away with good customer service is, again, unconscionable and just plain bull**bleep**. 

I shall have to think long and hard before I recommend Roku to friends again. Although I have recommend it many times, if I do so in the future, it will be with a caveat - BUYER BEWARE. 

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