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Wireless 5 GHz / Wired Connection speed test are really low?

Roku type: 4660X  Roku Ultra 

Software version: 9.4.0 build 4190-46

Rated ISP Spectrum: 400 Mbps

Router current: Netgear Orbi RBK50 AC300 2 piece router (RBR50)and satellite ( RBS50) combo ( not version 2 as in RBK50v2 FYI)  both using most recent yet stable firmware v2.5.2.4 even though it's the third most recent they have the other more recent FW gives me stability and connection issues in general but v2.5.2.4 works the best for me. ) 

 I get 480s Mbps using laptop or desktop network cable jack to router LAN jack SO if I use the same cable to the same LAN jack then I'm expecting it to be pretty high not like what I get which is 40s - 90 Mbps with network cable and wireless 5gh ch 48 around 2x- 50s range with Orbi RBK 50.  When I had Google 3 piece wifi mesh I was getting 100 to 200 Mbps wifi speed 5ghz  ch 48. Didn't try network jack because I returned it to get the orbit which gave me better wireless setup for my home using the same placement I had for the Google router and one of the satellite . It's just the satellite bandwidth throughput was much less than anticipated and lower than what the orbi satellite was which helps in devices connected to that satellite and reason why I switched. The only device that faired better in Google than Orbit was the roku ultra. 

I'm not saying I have playback issues or why connections issues I just want to know why it's so low when it can be maximizing what's available from my rated speed and even if it's meant to be capped so that other devices in my network can use the available 400 Mbps I see no reason it should be capped this low? I really don't think it's a capping issue because the Google router 3 feet away 5ghz check 48 was giving me really high speeds 1xx - 2xx Mbps speed using Roku check connection so if that's about the max Roku wants to do I'm fine with that but my Orbi wifi or wired should be getting the same range. Neither does .orb router being same spot as where the Google router was and same setting wifi 5ghz ch48 gives values lower than 100 Mbps usually range of 20s - 50s Mbps and wired to the Orbi router LAN jack did a little better I think highest was 90s but it's usually 60s Mbps range . Still, this is unsatisfactory especially for wired . I expected much higher speeds and I can get 4xx Mbps speed using ookla speed test with laptop to orbi lan jack which I mentioned earlier at what gives? Why so low.. I'm assuming it's a software issue because if it's hardware than that's even more embarrassing .tried network reset made no difference. Tried it many times for each software update by Roku .. Made no difference. Again I'm not experiencing playback issues ( at least not yet. Had this for about 8 months . No netflix issues. Sometimes I may get connection issue with spectrum tv but not too a point that I would want to make a complaint and most of time the problem was spectrum end because my cable tv dvr box wouldn't get the spectrum tv. 


Just curious to know why roku ultra box gives low speeds. These kinds of speeds especially hard wired using network cable is disappointingly low. Totally unacceptable FYI.

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Re: Wireless 5 GHz / Wired Connection speed test are really low?

Higher download speeds for your modem make sense for files that are downloaded all at once and for supporting multiple devices on your network, all of which may be downloading at the same time.  

But an individual streaming device only receives data at the rate at which it is being used, so the hardware only has to have enough speed capability to handle the required streaming rate.

As long as the Ultra (or any other model) has enough speed to handle the incoming stream it is fast enough.  Upgrading to higher speed hardware is unnecessary if that speed can't be used.

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