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Will connect to every network except my own

Hi everyone,

I just bought a roku premiere+ and I’m incredibly frustrated. It simply refuses to connect to my home network. Here’s everything I’ve done to ensure I’m not doing something wrong: reset my router and the roku, unplugged everything and plugged it back in, changed my WiFi password, connected to the WiFi with other devices to ensure its working, completely removed the security key from my WiFi so no password needs to be entered, and still no luck!! I decided to connect it to my mobile hotspot and it worked fine, so I got through the whole setup of the roku. It’s totally set up and works fine, but when I try to switch to my home network, still won’t connect! I’m completely at a loss here. Thanks for any help or advice in advance!

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Re: Will connect to every network except my own

Is your network broadcasting the 2.4 or the 5 ghz band, and what roku model? If you are only broadcasting the 5ghz band, just know that not all rokus can use it. 

If your router can broadcast both bands (dual band), make certain that you are connecting to the band your roku can use, name them differently, like home-2.4 and home-5. 


Ok, just reread your post and see its a premier+, which is dual band. Have you checked that your router is up to the task, by that I mean you've tried both bands, and that the signal is good?  Beyond this I'm baffled. Since it connects to a hotspot the roku radio is working. What router?

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Re: Will connect to every network except my own

This same thing is happening to me. I have a Linksys router. 

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Re: Will connect to every network except my own

Both of mine just suddenly stopped connecting to my routers, whereas all other devices work fine. I also have a Linksys router. Nothing changed on my router, haven't updated the firmware there in over a year.

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Re: Will connect to every network except my own

I'm having the same problems,  I have Xfinity and use my own cable modem (so Xfinity couldn't have changed any settings) and LinkSys Router

Two days ago, all Roku's worked fine.  Now 3 of my 4 Roku's can't see my home wifi.  I'm afraid to reboot the 4th one as that seems to be when most of them have lost the ability to see my home wifi.  Like others, I am seeing every other neighbors, just not mine.  It's definitely not a distance or home router issue.  My 2.4GHz wifi network is used by at least a dozen or more other devices and all are on the wifi with no problem. 

Just to rule anything out, I did do a hard reset (paper clip) on cable modem, router, roku's... all to no avail.  This definitely seems to be tied to the Roku 9.4.0 update.  My Roku models that are currently affected are all the 3920X.  I am afraid to reboot my 3700X for fear it also will have the issue.