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WiFi & Sound Issues

I have a Roku Express. I have been having a few issues but two lately that are very frustrating:


1) Sound. The Sound just won't come through...stopped in the middle of watching a show. I had to unplug, restart and finally switched HDMI for it to work.

2) It can find my wireless...every other system in the house is connected and working (I am writing this post) but it can not connect. It finds it, password is correct just unable to actually connect.


I have been wanting Apple TV so this might be the end of the Roku. So frustrating!

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Level 7

Re: WiFi & Sound Issues

Hi, there.  I'm having the same issue with the sound.  Seems like we aren't alone.  I got my Roku Express + in May 2020 and immediately had the sound issues when using the HBO Now app via Roku.   The sound cuts out after 10 to 30 minutes of watching a show.  I have to pause, exit, and completely restart the Roku.  There have been times that I've had to restart shows 4 to 5 times.  Even though I no longer have HBO, the sound problem persists with Hulu (the worst of the apps), Netflix, and Amazon Prime.  I'm sure that Roku can check my usage stats to see just how many times I have to restart using the device. They should be appalled when they see those stats.  ROKU Team, please fix these issues.  They are unacceptable.  

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Re: WiFi & Sound Issues

I have been having issues with no sound on only some series and movies on Amazon Prime.  I was on the phone with a tech guy with Prime this morning who had me run tests and even delete and re-install the app but nothing worked.  He suggested contacting Roku, so we are. Still without sound and not knowing what to do.  I do not have a sound bar and I believe I have a Roku Express. Help! Help!

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