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WiFi Signal issues

I have 4 Roku devices in my home that all have worked fine for over a year.  Now all of the sudden, I have wireless signal strength issues in three of them.  On the box closest to my WiFi router, I get "good" strength.  The next closest one is "fair."  Then you go upstairs and I have one "poor" which won't hardly work at all and another one (probably the furthest one from my router) showing "Excellent."

Could the wireless receivers within my devices have gone bad?  I don't understand what could've changed.  I replaced my WiFi Router with a new one, thinking that might have been the problem, but that didn't change anything.

I've checked signal strength on my phone and it seems fine even when right next to the Roku that reads: "poor."  I also brought that Roku to down within a few feet of my router and it still was only showing "poor" signal.  

It seems to be within the devices themselves, but how could this happen?  And is there a fix?


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