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Unable to Connect to WiFi - Roku Streaming Stick

I have had my Streaming Stick Plus for over a year. I have BT Fibre with a Super Hub.

The hub is next to the TV the stick is plugged into so signal is not a problem. The stick is in the back of the TV.

The WiFi is incredibly unreliable and I am having to frequently reboot the device to get a stable connection.

The WiFi is always there if I search on network settings but it will connect, drop out repeatedly and sometimes just not connect at all. To be clear if I search for the WiFi network it is always there.

The odd thing is that every other device in the house remains connected which includes two older Roku Expresses. It's only the stick which has problems.

Sometimes unplugging the Roku Stick power and rebooting won't even sort the problem. I've moved the stick into different HDMI ports but am at a loss at what to do.

I have ordered the free extender but I've no idea whether or if that'll make a difference.

It is frequently taking up to 20 minutes of rebooting to get a stable connection. It can be annoying as in that time it will say connected but then when I open an app it will disconnect and say I am offline.

I am at a loss at what to do and am on the cusp of getting a new device but these persistent issues are putting me off Roku and lately the disconnects have got more frequent and longer.

The only other thing of note I do is that I turn off the Roku and TV so as not to leave devices on standby.

Anyone any ideas at all? Is it a faulty device? I can't stomach risking another Roku when there are other devices available. Really frustrated and disappointed.

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Level 7

Re: Unable to Connect to WiFi - Roku Streaming Stick

The stick is garbage.  I have the same problem.

Poorly engineered product.

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