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Trouble with Internet connection

I have a Roku Express.  I'm considering buying several more Roku's but want to make sure I get the right one.

Two quick questions:

1) My Roku Express works fine on the main level of my house however in both the basement and the 2nd floor, I have only a "fair" signal strength.  When I check for the connection, it says that I have Wi-Fi but not internet.  For Roku, what does this mean?  I don't seem to be able to stream shows and there is a lot of buffering on live TV.

2) Would the Roku Stick, with the "enhanced" internet be any better in these fair signal strength locations?  Will it pick up a better signal or is it simply an issue with my current wifi? I don't want to be purchasing the more expensive units only to find out that they have the same issues.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Trouble with Internet connection


Thanks for the inquiry.

For troubleshooting steps regarding the issue that you are experiencing, visit our Support page here: How do I check the connection to my home network and the internet?

In addition, we would also recommend checking out some wireless troubleshooting tips here: Tips for improving the wireless connection to your Roku streaming device


Danny R.
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Re: Trouble with Internet connection

Im all of the sudden after 9 onths of using my ROKU in our upstaurs bedroom  It;s really frustrating  Have you figured out a sloution?

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