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Stream freezes when internet connection is excellent and other devices work

My Roku Express+ stream keeps freezing even though the internet connection is excellent and has a good download speed. My other streaming devices work fine. I have done everything help suggests including change the channel on my router. And a factory reset. But the stream continues to freeze. I have also rebooted and factory reset my Roku. What else can I try?

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Re: Stream freezes when internet connection is excellent and other devices work

@Mamanita73  Thanks for reaching out. What streaming channel/service (app) are you trying to use when this occurs? Does this same behavior occur in other streaming channels on your device, such as YouTube, The Roku Channel, etc.?

We'd recommend starting here to troubleshoot the channel. Follow the steps listed here, in order, to remove the channel, restart your device, then add the channel back once more: https://community.roku.com/t5/Channel-Issues-Questions/Look-Here-for-Help-amp-Support-with-Channel-I...

If that isn't clearing up the issue, and it is only occurring in that specific streaming channel (app), you'll want to contact the channel/service provider directly to report the issue and request addition help. Channels (apps) are built and maintained by the channel provider themselves, and they will be able to best assist with any issue you may encounter. 




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