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Roku won't connect to wifi

My Roku Express will not connect to the wifi. I have tried resetting the router and the Roku. I have tested both the strength and speed of the wifi on my computer and phone and it works great. I am getting 60 Mb/s speed and -60dBm strength. The Roku is 1 foot away from the router so it should not have any issues connecting. Sometimes it connects and works but most of the time it will not connect. I have tried changing the DNS servers to public ones on the router because I read it would help. It did once and now it doesn't work again. I am running out of options other than pulling my hair out. The router is a Linksys E2500 if that helps. Please help!

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Re: Roku won't connect to wifi

Proximity isn't a good measure of how a device sees wifi.  Too close can very much be a bad thing.

How about the Roku location?  Is it under the TV or something?  Can you maybe move it around a little to see if there is a better location for either device?

The standard Express is single band wifi I believe 2.4ghz.  It is quite possible your other devices are connecting to your e2500 via 5ghz without issue, but the 2.4 might have problems.  Just a thought...

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