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Roku will not find any internet network to connect to

I have unplugged, restarted, and left over night to cool off bc it seems to be getting hot the last couple days. Nothing is working. I have 3 other roku's and they are working perfectly fine. It says it cant find a wireless network to connect to, not even out of all my neighbors. Nothing is wrong with my internet and I believe this roku has a defect in it but there is no one to call and ask for a replacement since it's only a couple months old. 

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Level 7

Re: Roku will not find any internet network to connect to

I have the exact same issue. One of my Rokus suddenly stopped working. Can't identify any signals when scanning in two totally separate locations, both of which have several other Rokus that are all working fine. Unplugged the Roku, my network, etc... There's no 5G issue involved. Scanning simply ends in a "scan again" notice. The device feels very hot. I kinda think some sort of wireless receiver inside the Roku burned out or quit working. Any other suggestions?

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