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Roku says there are no available networks.

Now I have 3 Roku TV's. One is a TCL and the other 2 are ONN. One Onn has suddenly stopped recognizing all wifi networks. I have reset the router and that didn't work. I have reset my Roku tv very way possible and it didn't work. I called Roku and they took me through the steps previously mentioned. When that didn't work the customer service person asked me if I registered my product and I did when I first connected it but can't find that info anywhere. instead of helping me find that info. I was told to register my product and call back. Roku doesn't want to help because they know this is a hardware malfunction that obviously EVERYONE is having or will eventually have. So for everyone NOT having this problem yet. watch your backs and register your product with Roku AND the store you bought it from. GOOD LUCK!!!

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