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Roku Ultra wired Ethernet won't stay connected

I have a Roku Ultra (2018) that I purchased about 6 months ago that will no longer stay connected to the Internet. 

It plugs into an Ethernet jack that terminates in a patch panel in a networking cabinet.  The patch panel is connected to a TP-Link unmanaged gigabit switch, which is in turn plugged into an EdgeRouterX, which is plugged into an AT&T Uverse modem ("Residential Gateway").

Like every other networked device in my home (about 50 of them), the Roku Ultra has a static IP assigned for both the wired and wireless MAC address.  I've never set up it up to connect by wifi and have only used it with Ethernet from Day 1.  I run two RPi PiHole DNS servers on my local network, which are defined in my DHCP settings in the router settings. 

I mention all of this because I'm aware there are a lot of possible failure points along the way to the Roku.  I am experienced with home networking having set all of this up myself.

The troubleshooting I have performed:

(1) System restart / power down and restart / factory reset of the Roku: Temporary restoration of the wired connection only to have it disconnect later.  Sometimes in the middle of streaming something, sometimes after it hasn't been used for a few hours or overnight.

(2) Restarted router: No resolution.

(3) Switched out all Cat-5e patch cables: No resolution.  I switched out the cables that connect the Roku to the wall and the patch panel to the switch.  I even switched out the cable between the switch and the router, and the router and the modem, even though I knew those couldn't be the problem because every other wired network device was fine.  I have a cable tester and ensured the cables were good.

(4) Checked that there were no problems with the wiring of jack or patch panel.

(5) Disabled the RPi PiHole servers and switched to a public DNS server: No resolution (but more ads).

(6) Bypassed the switch and connected the corresponding patch panel port directly to the router: No resolution. 

The only thing I haven't tried as far as connections is to plug the Roku directly into the router to bypass the wall jack and wiring in the walls.  The router is in a small networking closet far from the TV room and I don't have a small display that I can use for the Roku while it's in the closet.  However, I doubt it's the wall jack because no other wired devices have problems communicating with the router when plugged into the same jack.  And as before, my cable tester confirms that the jack and patch panel are wired correctly.

All the troubleshooting I've done points to the Roku itself as the problem.  In the previous 6+ months, I had no issues with it.  Nothing about my network has changed and it has just stopped working out of the blue.

Is there something else I should be trying first, or is it just time to contact Roku to see about a warranty replacement?

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Re: Roku Ultra wired Ethernet won't stay connected

I've recently had an issue with an Ultra and posted someplace here that it would/could never "see" the Internet.  When I checked the connection it errored out on the "Internet" check immediately and in the past it would take a moment or so to confirm connectivity.  However, I could see the device on my network and the Motor Trend channel would connect and play videos fine.  Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon videos would immediately time out and tell me to check my connection, etc.  I did run a cable thinking it was some WiFi issue, tried both 2.4 and 5GHz, and reset the network again allowing a connection for one time only.  Next day same issue even hard-wired.  

I also use a PiHole device and decided to check traffic from the Roku as even stopping the Pihole for 5 minutes didn't resolve my issues.  It seems Roku now uses several addresses that were blocked in the past.  When I say in the past I mean just a couple of days prior.  Watching the blocked traffic I started to whitelist sites as they popped up in my admin panel of the PiHole.  Well, mostly various "*.roku.com" sites.  I can't say which site(s) it took but all of a sudden, the device started working fine without any connectivity issues including connecting back via WiFi (The 50 foot Ethernet cable strung across the floor wasn't ideal!).  

Since, like mine, the device worked fine in the past and all of a sudden started having issues I'd still look further into the PiHole and blacklisted sites.  Here are a few sites I've whitelisted and as of last evening, the Roku Ultra is again working fine.  



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Re: Roku Ultra wired Ethernet won't stay connected

Thanks for the input.  I thought of that too but didn't put it in the original post because I didn't think too many would know what PiHole is.  Nothing in the roku.com domain is getting blocked by PiHole.  Also, I went further than disabling PiHole and changed the DNS servers entirely, which didn't help.

I guess I should add I only use my Roku to stream media from my local Plex server, which does not require an Internet connection.  As long as my LAN is up, even if I disconnect my modem from my router, the Plex server will still stream to a local device connected to the same network.  I don't use any services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. 

I just realized that while the interface says it's "not connected to the network," I don't know if that means no Internet connection or no local network connection.  I suspect it is the latter but I'll have to try to ping the Roku the next time it goes down to confirm.  (Of course I can't do it now because it seems to be staying connected for the time being.)


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Re: Roku Ultra wired Ethernet won't stay connected

I think the Roku Media Player is pretty much an afterthought and most of the Roku programming is centered around streaming from the internet.

I've seen other reports that the Roku won't connect to local net stuff when it doesn't have an internet connection.
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Re: Roku Ultra wired Ethernet won't stay connected

I just posted this elsewhere but reviewing the steps I took attempting to resolve muy issue I recalled entering the menu and selecting Home --> Settings --> System -->  Advanced System Settings --> Network Connection Reset.  This seems to clear all network settings on the device (perhaps wired as well as WiFi) and reboots.  Then I was able to successfully connect to both the local network and the Internet.  Prior to doing this, running the Network check would immediately error out on the "Internet" portion.  When the system worked it always took a few seconds to test that section.  In any case, the system has been again working for the last few days.

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Re: Roku Ultra wired Ethernet won't stay connected

I have the same problem. Wired works fine except once/day or so it drops the Ethernet connect. Sometimes comes back on its on, sometimes can reconnect in settings, sometimes I have to reboot the Roku Ultra Unplugging Ethernet cable from Roku reveals good connection in my PC. Roku sent a replacement, same problem. Roku has a definite issue - I have done all basic trouble shooting recommended. 

anybody know if #Roku has a workaround or at least working on the issue

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Re: Roku Ultra wired Ethernet won't stay connected

Yes buy a Firestick. I have both and the firestick seems to never lose the internet connection and it’s wireless. If my roku is setup on wireless it will loose the internet connection as well. All other devices throughout my network wired or wireless work fine all the time. I would rather use the roku because I like the interface better than the firestick but I’m tired of screwing around with this glitchy pos.

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Re: Roku Ultra wired Ethernet won't stay connected

Network Connection Reset -- worked for me.  The weird thing is that only some streaming channels were completely unavailable (e.g., KlowdTV), but others would work, but took a long time to load (YouTubeTV).  

Thanks for the tech tip.

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