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Roku Express+ dropping wifi with Motorola MG7700

I just upgraded my modem/router from a Motorola Mg7310 to a Motorola MG7700. Now I am having wifi connection issues, buffering and lost connection. Is there settings in my router I can change, or do I need to upgrade to a dual band Roku?

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Re: Roku Express+ dropping wifi with Motorola MG7700

It's better to give the model number from Settings->System->About than the name since names get used over and over again for models with different capabilities.  I think the only Express model that supports 5GHz is the Express 4k+. so we'll assume yours is 2.4GHz only.  Start by taking the channel off of "Auto" if that's what it's set to.  Try 1, 6, or 11 to start and if none of those help try the others.  Go into the Advanced settings and see what the wireless mode is set to.  If it's set to g/n try b/g/n or vice versa.  Try different bandwidth settings as well.

If you find anything that helps please report back so that others may benefit.

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Re: Roku Express+ dropping wifi with Motorola MG7700

It is Roku model number 3910X. I've tried the different channels 1,6,and 11. I'm thinking I will just need to upgrade, as my player does not support the 5G my modem/router is using. 

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