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Roku 5ghz devices dropping connection (eero system)

I recently upgraded my network to a tri-band eero pro WiFi 6 system. I have one router & one extender set up. Ever since the switch my two Roku devices that are capable of connecting to the 5 ghz bands are dropping their internet connection about once per day. One device is a Roku Soundbar & the other is a Roku Streaming Stick+. I have three other Roku devices - all which run on 2.4 - and none of those devices are having problems. Once the connection is dropped, my Roku units become essentially locked and require a complete restart. Reconnecting to the network doesn’t work. It requires a full restart.

Obviously the root of the issue is with eero since this never happened before, but I have 20+ other devices connected and all work fine. Plus, the fact I have to perform a complete restart (versus simply reconnecting to the network) tells me there is something failing within both Roku devices.

A couple of notes:
The SSID & password I’m using for the eero is the same as the old router’s 5 ghz band. Thinking this may be causing the issue, I did a complete reset of the Roku network settings. Based on the Soundbar failing tonight it’s clear that didn’t work. 
Restarting the eero system - I tried restarting via the app & a full power cycle - does not result in a network connection being established between eero & the Roku.
As mentioned earlier, all three of my 2.4 ghz Roku devices remain connected at all times & have not had any issues keeping a connection.
Please help as this is becoming a daily occurrence. I’ve searched the inter webs & this issue doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence, which makes troubleshooting difficult. 
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