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RV park wireless network problem connecting

The RV park I am in just put in a new tengointernet network, and the Roku can see the network but cannot connect. When connecting my phone or computer, a sign-in screen pops up saying "Welcome to the RV park. Press this button to go online." After doing so, there is good internet access. Because the Roku unit cannot receive that screen, is that why it cannot connect? What is the workaround? Thank you.
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Re: RV park wireless network problem connecting

This is a common setup at hotels, dormitories, and other public systems where you have to go to a website via a web browser on a computer or mobile device and log into the system. Once you've done this you can continue to use the net.

The Roku has no browser so an alternate hotel/dormitory method was added to the Roku software several years ago, utilizing a wifi-equipped computer/phone/tablet to connect to the Roku via wifi-direct and use the computer's browser to make the connection.  Some older models, though, don't have this capability and I haven't been able to locate a list of which models do and don't.

This Roku page explains the process: https://support.roku.com/article/215058118

If you don't get the hotel or college dorm prompt at step 7, I guess you have one of the old Rokus without this capability.

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Re: RV park wireless network problem connecting

I"m in the same position - stuck in an RV Park with this lousy @#$%^&* Tengo Internet garbage.


Yes, I can connect to the XXXX-Roku-XXX wifi service from the laptop.  It just pops up the TengoInternet login page, blows me off the Internet connection I HAD, then tells me the server isn't available when I put in the TengoInternet username and password...

I've never gotten the opportunity to put in the "I'm in a dorm" password.....

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