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How To Reconnect RokuTV to Internet after loss on 05/31/2020

 If you have lost your Internet connection to your ROKU TV on your Smart Tv you will have to do a HARD RESET. This will reconnect  your Internet for your Internet ROKU TV on your TV.  My TV is a TCL. On the side back of this TV there is a reset button you will have to push with a pen or paperclip. This will reset you TV and Your RokuTV to the Factory Settings. You will have to have ALL your  user name and passwords to your Roku Account and all Your subscribing like Netflix, Prime etc etc.

By trying to do a reset to Factory thru the settings will not work. You have to do a HARD RESET to Factory. This will give you a link code to the RokuTV account to reactivate the ROKUTV like when you first got your tv. Then you will have to have all your user name and passwords to everything else. Hope this helps. Took me a day to figure it out.

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Re: How To Reconnect RokuTV to Internet after loss on 05/31/2020

I just had to connect to my neighbor's wifi cuz I have lost mine for a week or two and it was very simple.  Just look it up in youtube and it was as simple as letting roku find the network and entering the password.  I need to do this procedure for prime and netflix individually but it was very easy.