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Have wifi but no internet connection on Roku TV HELP

I've read thru the previous posts and tried some of the solutions. So far none is working.  I have rebooted my modem, router. Reset factory setting on my insignia roku TV .  I try to connect get wifi signal showing but no internet connection.  This started happening a week ago. I was still able to watch stuff but after doing factory reset. Everything is gone and need the internet to get it back all the channels and streaming back on.  What do we do and with no customer service person to talk too. This needs to be resolved since this is not just a few people who are having the same issue.  I may need to just go to Amazon or Apple if this is typical Roku customer service. 

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Re: Have wifi but no internet connection on Roku TV HELP

You don't happen to have Spectrum as your internet provider, do you?  Quite a few Spectrum customers are reporting something similar.  Some have reported that exchanging their Spectrum modem for a new one has solved the problem.

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Re: Have wifi but no internet connection on Roku TV HELP

Factory reset does no good

I spent several hours with the folks over in SW Asia over this.  both spectrum and Roku. they were equally worthless in solving this problem and they like to blame each other rather than truly looking at the problem and coming up with a viable solution.  

All evidence suggests that Roku pushed an update that broke older modems. I don't know what their testing of new product involves (or even if there is one) but this one they missed something.  Over multiple threads there is one common theme  roku models of every stripe suddenly quit working.  They show a strong wireless connection but no internet connectivity.  a fair number of problems involve Spectrum ISP.  

The one solution that so far seems fairly universal is to swap out your modem for a newer one.  when I took mine back the lady said they don't even carry that model anymore.   I have been messing with computers for most of my career both as a hobby and as a job. All the troubleshooting Roku gives you on their website and in this thread is worthless for this particular problem. Their service desk is unhelpful they will lead you through all the same trouble shooting that "Danny" says to do in a different thread and then will say"contact your ISP).  your ISP will lead you through a bunch of equally worthless exercises and say "contact roku" and back and forth you go.  

Do what most of the rest of us did,  Swap out your modem for a newer model. and if that doesn't work "fade back 10 yards and punt" as my father used to say. 

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Re: Have wifi but no internet connection on Roku TV HELP

I m trying to connect my ip address

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Re: Have wifi but no internet connection on Roku TV HELP

I have the exact same problem with Comcast started 2. weeks ago. I have three rokus and none of them will connect with the comcsdt internet.  I had Comcast send a new modem worked for a couple of days . Does Roku have customer service?

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Re: Have wifi but no internet connection on Roku TV HELP

Same trouble. Getting display on TV that says Airplay at the left then on the right it indicates my wifi network name and "select this device" with tool name shown here. Below that is choice to visit Airplay and HomeKit settings. I can't find a solution anywhere!

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Roku Employee

Re: Have wifi but no internet connection on Roku TV HELP


Thanks for the post.

Have you tried rebooting your wireless network to see if that resolves the issue you are experiencing?

For troubleshooting purposes, have you tried connecting your Roku TV to an alternate wireless network, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if you are experiencing the same issue?

Please keep us posted what you find out.


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