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Can't connect to Internet

This just started. Product in use is Roku's 902600094-001 remote. No previous problem connecting to the Internet with it. I've run through every recommended setup cure that's posted on the board more than once. Rebooted the router twice, restarted the Roku remote probably ten times (having to painfully restate the password each time using the on-screen keyboard), unplugged the Roku box and re-plugged it back in, no help. I also at one point used a paper clip to depress the resent button on the back of the box, no help there either.

Network is an Orbi mesh system. It sees the Roku box, identifying it as a ROKU LT-048. It's on the 2.4GHz band, link rate is 65 Mbps. On the Roku setup screen the signal strength fan shows either 4 or all 5 bars depending on what else is going on on the network. Never less than 4 bars.

I cannot find a "setup" button on any screen. The menu goes directly to the network selection screen. After selecting the network, the keyboard is displayed, awaiting a password. Upon obtaining the password, the box connects to the network but not to the Internet, and the process begins again. NO other screens appear, no setup options are presented. The "Home" button simply goes back to the error screen (which displays the dreaded "009" error code, for all the good that does - we already know there is no Internet connection). All other wireless devices (smartphones, laptops) run just fine on the network.

Need some words of wisdom here, please help.