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Bedroom Roku Not Picking Up WiFi Signal

My Roku works perfectly in my living room. I have had my cable discontinued, but I do have high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi.


I am trying to use Roku in my bedroom. I have the streaming stick in my HDMI1.  Does my cable cord need to be connected to the back of my TV in my bedroom to pick up the Wi-Fi signal from the living room? I have my TV set to HDMI1, But Roku is not coming up on the screen. Help!

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Re: Bedroom Roku Not Picking Up WiFi Signal

No, the cable TV input has nothing to do with any of that.

I am unclear about a couple of things. You're saying the WiFi signal isn't being picked up by your Roku, but then you seem to say that you can't see the Roku on the TV's HDMI input. Those are completely unrelated, and I'm not sure you are able to determine whether or not the Roku is able to see the WiFi. How did you determine that if you can't even see the output of the Roku? Am I misunderstanding what you're saying? Or do you have a misunderstanding about why things are not working?

WiFi has nothing to do with whether or not your Roku output can be displayed on the TV. It will be a factor in getting it to stream content, but it has nothing to do with being able to see the Main Menu, or even the initial startup screen.

So, it seems as if your Roku was initially set up on the first TV. If that's the case, great. All you should have to do is plug it in to the second TV. There are two things to connect: 1) HDMI cord from the Roku device to one of the HDMI inputs on the TV. Note that your TV can have several, and it should be labeled HDMI; probably HMDI1, HDMI2, etc. If it's labeled anything else, don't try to connect that cord. 2) connect power on the Roku, preferable to a wall outlet using the power supply that came with the Roku. Yes, it can run on the TV's USB port, if the TV delivers sufficient power through the port. Using the wall outlet and power supply ensures you have sufficient power for the Roku.

Once you have that done, you should ensure your TV is on and turned to the HDMI source for the Roku. If the Roku is on HDMI3, turn the TV to HDMI3, and sos on.

Since the Roku is already set up, you should see the Roku logo, some sound, and eventually the Main Menu.

Confirm those are the steps you took. If not, do those steps and let us know what happens, or where along the way things go awry.

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