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Android or apple

I am about to buy a 32" ONN Roku Smart tv for use in my 18wheeler. Can I use the various apps and functions even though I have an Android phone, or do I have to have an Iphone or Ipad? I see that it has Apple Tv, which makes me think I will have to have an apple device. However, it also has Google services such as Google Play, which is an Android supported system, so that makes me think I can use my current Android phone. So is this thing going to be compatible with both Android and Apple devices?

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Level 16

Re: Android or apple

There is an Android Roku app that lets you control the Roku like a remote control. It also lets you view some content from the Roku channel on the device. I assume there is also an Apple version that does the same thing. There is Apple TV available for newer Roku devices, but it's just another streaming service and not tied to any phone.

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