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motion blurring, pixelating, freezing

OK, my issue is motion blurring or pixelating or just breaking up and some freezing. I have an roku ultra, model #4670X and serial # kx9998615499. I was instructed to unplug for 1 min and reconnect, which I did with very little improvement.
I have an older 1080p hd set and I stream IPTV. The last speed test I did I had 56 kbps. I have disabled my VPN and my WiFi is set up at 2.4 ghs.
I mirror from my computer screen to Roku and the picture on my computer is MUCH better than I get on my tv. I use "my IPTV player", could that be an issue.
My regular picture from Roku is great, the only problem is getting a good picture from the computer to the TV with IPTV.
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Re: motion blurring, pixelating, freezing

Hi @lindgrenjb,

Thanks for the post.

Have tried switching the Roku to a 5Ghz SSID or wired connection if available to see if you are seeing the same issue?

I've provided a link to go into further detail: How do I use screen mirroring with my Android™ or Windows® device? - Roku 

Please keep us posted.



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