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loss of audio in the middle of a movie

Why do I lose audio right in the middle of a movie?  Some movies I can watch all the way through with no loss of audio. At other times, I may be 10 minutes or more into a movie and suddenly there is no sound. The picture continues and the closed captioning continues.  It's as though I hit the mute button.   I've tried various things, but the only thing that works is to unplug the power and HDMI cable from the Roku, wait until I get a blue screen on the TV, then plug them back in.  But, the problem is, I have to wait for Roku to boot back up, then navigate to the movie I was watching and hit resume. This takes several minutes and is frustrating.    I don't know if I can get back to this site to see if anyone answered me. [personal information removed]

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Re: loss of audio in the middle of a movie

Hopefully you can come back and remove your email address from your post. That's terribly dangerous and an easy way for scammers to get your contact information.

We can't offer any help without additional information. We need to know the model number of your Roku (not just its name), what make/model TV you are connected to, and importantly, what are you watching when it does it? Is it an Internet source or local media? Netflix? YouTube? Too much guesswork without knowing the details. 


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Re: loss of audio in the middle of a movie

I have the same issue with my 3900x. So frustrating! Unplugging the power is the only thing that fixes ours as well.

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