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Vizio TV stopped recognizing Roku in HDMI port

I used to turn on the Vizio TV and it would recognize the Roku plugged into the HDMI port. Now when I turn on the TV, the screen just flashes (it doesn't say No Signal it just turns on and off). If I unplug the Roku and plug it back in, the Roku start-up screen comes up and then it works fine. I have checked all the cables and they are fine. I've tried to check settings, but can't find any that fixes this problem. I can't understand why it just quit working like it used to. Any ideas?

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Level 7

Re: Vizio TV stopped recognizing Roku in HDMI port

I just got a new Vizio as my old one quit.  Everything except my roku ultra work. I got it to work one time by unplugging and plugging it back in but not again.  I've tried every hdmi and same problem. Usually says no signal. Sometimes it'll flash between static screen and black screen.  I took roku to other tv to check for updates and everything was up to date. Also changed HDR setting like I found googling problem but that hasn't worked. Tried other items in the hdmi ports and all work. Switched cables even though roku works in other TVs and still nothing.  When unplugging roku power and plugging it back in it will start the roku boot and then go black. Frustrating.

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