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UPDATE all your devices with better volume controls

I know im not the only person with this issue but here is my suggestion:

Please update all the roku devices to control the volume (via remote control) at a software level. I understand why its necessary to control for tv etc, but why not offer an option in settings to adjust the volume internally within the sofware rather then needing to program it to a compatible tv? Many tv units out there arent compatible anyway, and if ur in my situation using a monitor or projector ur pretty much screwed.

I use the rocket stick but cant control the volume on my monitor or projector, im sure many people use the mobile rocket stick for this. Please update with internal software level volume controls... doesnt have to be the default setting, but should be an option under settings.

Suprised this isnt an option to begin with. And for goodness sake, please put in volume buttons for the 4k premium and express models. You guys will truly be rockin then as a leader and innovator of simple but useful devices